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SWAROVSKI SCS Annual Edition 1991 ROBBEN SEALS 158872

SWAROVSKI SCS Annual Edition 1991 ROBBEN SEALS 158872
SWAROVSKI SCS Annual Edition 1991 ROBBEN SEALS 158872

SWAROVSKI SCS Annual Edition 1991 ROBBEN SEALS 158872
Extra 10% off 3 or more items. Trilogy - Caring and Sharing. Trilogy - Mother and Child.

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In a Class of their Own. In the Realms of Fantasy and F. Kingdom of Ice and Snow. SWAROVSKI SCS Annual Edition 1991 ROBBEN SEALS 158872. Without original packaging / Ohne Originalverpackung. 12.0 x 0.0 x 0.0 cm. 100% Original Authentic Genuine Swarovski Crystal Collectibles / Collectables.

Annual Edition 1991 Seals "Save me". The Seals were the second piece in the "Mother and Child" series and the piece was designed by Michael Stamey. The "Mother and Child" trilogy is unique for 2 reasons: this is the only time when a single designer has designed all 3 pieces of a trilogy, and when an entire trilogy has been made from clear crystal with no frosted crystal components. The Seals are made from clear crystal and they are sitting on top of a clear ice floe.

The crystal piece is in mint / pristine / new condition. The crystal piece has damaged, see close up pictures.

We try to distinct as good as possible the conditions regarding this. We send the best quality box we have for the piece, but we defenately do not send any box which we would not be happy to receive ourselves. The original Certificate is included. The item will be delivered without certificate.

At the end of 2009 Swarovski stopped producing the generic certificates. We note if the original Certificate is there or not. Please remember that Swarovski stopped producing the generic certificates for their items at the end of 2009, and therefore certificates cannot be sent for those items as they were never part of the package.

When a special annual certificate or other type was included than it is included in the packaging as well, if not than this is set to excluded. The packaging is'New / As new'.

The piece is without packaging. The original inner packaging is there. The thinner outer is not. The original box is there but has clearly visible usage. Outer packing in used condition. The outer packaging can be removed then the inner packaging will be as new. The piece is in it's original packaging, only the little pictorial label on the box is missing. All our products are of excellent quality. If you still are not satisfied with the product, you can return the product according to our conditions. Do you miss a product in our store? We look forward to being able to help you. Will be packaged with great care. CrystalWebShop Mata Harihof 11 1087 HS Amsterdam Netherlands Bank : ING Account Number: 4999771 IBAN : NL71INGB0004999771 BIC : INGBNL2A VAT: NL001726126B71.
SWAROVSKI SCS Annual Edition 1991 ROBBEN SEALS 158872